Rachio 3 showing water flow but zone not active after water turned off at street for tankless plumbing repair


i checked backflow preventer and was able to confirm water/flow was getting from city connection to irrigation lines. i discovered that by opening the main solenoid valve by hand i was able to manually open each additional solenoid valve to get all zones operational (again, manually).

i am now only able to remotely activate two zones through my rachio app, and only when the main solenoid valve is manually set to “open”. other three zones do not activate through app.

does this mean i have some bad solenoids? they are hunter.

i live in austin and was very happy to see that my system seemed to have survived our recent freeze when i activated and checked all the zones (which worked) 3 days ago. now, when i go to manually start a quick run my app shows any given zone as watering, but no water…from any of my 6 zones.

there is also no flow when i manually turn the solenoid valves at any location.

add to this the fact that 5 minutes after i was outside trying to manually operate the zones, i turned around and saw that one zone had been successfully started at it’s normal programmed start time…but only ran for 3 of it’s programmed 20 minutes.

i’ve unplugged/replugged my outside controller. checked the wiring at the main unit. and rebooted my phone and main router. all leading to the app displaying my zones are active, but no water flow at the heads.

any tips? should i start investigating the main backflow preventer or any other water supply source?

forgot to add my water had been cut off at the street a few times due to my needing to have an external tankless hot water heater removed. do i need to bleed any part of the system? airlock somewhere?