Rachio 3 settings for drip syste,

   I live in southern California in the San Gabriel Valley with has very hot summer. I just shifted to Rachio 3 from an old Rainbird controller using fixed scheduling system. I now have adopted the flexible system which seems to work with the lawn. However, 3 zones have an quasi-Asian look includes plants such as Azaleas, Camellias and Gardenias as well as roses, a couple fruit trees and Honeysuckle and Bougainvillea and some black bamboo. The amount of sunshine also varies. 

The zone is irrigated by a “drip system” consisting largely of adjustable Drip Emitters Sprayer with a Stake that spray out 6 stream of water to a maximum radius of a couple of inches with some other plants watered by a drip line around a plant. Because some of the plants can’t tolerate overwatering but also can’t dry out, they need drip system to run 2 -3 times a week rather than all the water at once.
Also, the drip emitter sprayers have a maximum capacity of up to 9 gallons an hour.

  1. How can I schedule the shrub zones to spread out the watering to two or three times a week depending on weather?
  2. How can I set an estimated running time for a week which Rachio 3 will then adjust for seasonal changes?
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