Rachio 3 set up

I have a iPad I am using to set up connection to the Wi-Fi but the YouTube videos say to scan barcode with the smart phone. I don’t have a smart phone so how do I get past the scan barcode with my iPad that does nor scan barcodes

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Rachio setup asks to scan a BARCODE on the device or from its packaging (an “AANNNNNNN” serial or device number), which an iPad cannot do natively. It can scan QR codes, like one on the Rachio packaging, as you documented, but that code just accesses a URL on Rachio’s web site. @Houston-Bella2 raised a good question! I’ve had a similar brief quandary using an iPhone to scan a smudged label.

Perhaps the app should allow scanning or typing the needed number.

The Downloadable App shows both iPhone and iPad and gives the iPad OS version required (iPadOs version 14.0 or later). Click on the word Rachio to open the link…