Rachio 3 Set Up Controller Registering Failure

I have two Rachio 3s purchased in the last month. The first set up perfectly. The second fails. The light bar is solid white for the first 3 quadrants with the fourth blinking white (controller registering) but it fails to complete the set up and times out repeatedly. It’s the same Wifi as my phone app. The Wifi bars fluctuate between 2 and 3. There is Nest camera 3 feet away that works perfectly. The app is up to date.

@Revzup - out of curiosity what flavor of the app is being used to setup the Rachio - iOS or Android?


@Revzup - hmm. Normally iOS works best.

Can you run this and provide us with the code? Thanks!


Why’s that?

@robnielsen - I don’t know why, but in a couple of years monitoring and responding to posts here in the community if a user has an issue using an Android device and app to perform the initial setup when they switch to an iOS device the install works just fine. After the device is installed, using an Android device and app is not a problem.

I posted this problem several days ago and received instructions to load Route This and provide a code an serial number. I did this and provided the key and serial but have not heard back. My system is still non-functional. If I do not hear back this week I will return it.

I responded with the code and serial number. Did you get it?