Rachio 3 Schedules Not Working

Using same Schedules & zones as I did last year.

Weather forecast on home tab is fine–little to no rain, all zones enabled 3 days ago, no rain sensor installed, the schedule is Flex Daily, the interval is every day to end before sunrise, May 1 - Sept 30, soil moisture shows 0% for all zones, no error messages in history, no water delay set.

No watering has taken place and my calendar and homepage tab show absolutely NO upcoming watering scheduled. “Next Run” says None Upcoming. I can do quick runs without any issue and control my sprinklers via my iphone, controller & PC no issues.

Why isn’t any watering being scheduled?

Rachio…no chat OR phone support?

p.s. I’ve read every support article online, and checked every setting mentioned that might cause – still no luck.

There’s a chance your schedule is disabled. To check,head to calendar tab. Your list of schedule will be under the calendar, if you see that the schedule you expected to run is greyed out, it’s disabled. To re-enable it, click on the schedule and toggle on the switch next to “enable.”

Did you place your controller on standby?
Check the top of your home screen for an orange bar that indicates standby mode. Not currently in standby? Try the the history tab. You should be able to see if standby mode was turned on before your schedule was supposed to run. To turn standby mode off, head to more tab and hit the orange standby mode button below the photo of your controller.

Is or was a water delay enabled? A notification will show on the home screen and in the history tab. You can turn off the rain delay by going to more tab and clicking the blue “delay water” button, then select “off.”

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Thank-you for the reply.

–schedule is “Enabled” On calendar tab, I have my winterize schedules “disabled” I see those grayed out as expected (because I disabled those). My main (summer) schedule, the one I want to run is enabled
-Not in Stand-by, no orange bar indicating as such. Nothing in history indicating that controller is, or was ever put in stand-by
-No water delay is set or shown on home tab or history. I double checked.

Everything was set identical as last year (which ran fine) the only thing I did after last year was disabled the summer schedule, enabled my schedule to winterize…then I disabled that schedule late last fall. This weekend, I enabled the original summer schedule (3 days ago) and it has yet to run or schedule any runs

Oops, I believe this will end up being my fault.

For the run dates for my schedule(s) I looked at the day/months—like May 15-Sept 30. I neglected to verify that the year was still 2020, it was still set for 2019. Just changed it now, little doubt that will be the problem.

Thanks to Rodrigo from Rachio for finding that, and again to Anthony for the help.

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