Rachio 3: "Schedule Preview" Option?

On the Rachio 3 controller - Is there a way to preview a complete schedule run plan similar to what you see after a schedule is started/running and you select the “Up Next” option? I’m new to my Rachio 3 and I’ve been starting a schedule, viewing the “Up Next” complete plan, then stopping the running schedule to see this info. It would be nice to have a “Schedule Preview” option for a schedule to see the same info without having to start the schedule. Thought I’d check with the community to see if I’m missing something. Thanks in advance for any feedback. Sandy

Sandy, I, too, am new to the Rachio 3, and I completely agree with you. I hope somebody out there can help out us rookies. My landscape guy put in a new Rachio 3 for me, even though this is his first one, and he doesn’t get it either. So I’m in trial-and-error mode–just watching my garden for signs of thirst. I could certainly use a good owner’s manual, but it doesn’t seem to exist.
Jack Farrell, Davis, CA

Hello Jack, thanks for the reply. Good to see I’m not alone working to learn the Rachio 3. I’ve been impressed with what it can do. I upgraded from an 18 year old Hunter controller that was so primitive compared to the Rachio 3. So far I’ve been very pleased what it can do. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I’ll do what I can to share an answer if I’ve had the same question and came up with an answer.

Blessings to you!
Flower Mound, TX

Thanks for the speedy response, Sandy. As it happens, my new Rachio 3 also replaced a Hunter controller, although mine was only five years old. The mechanical dial just wore out and lost functionality. But at least with the Hunter, I felt that I was controlling it—not vice versa❗️

Hey Jack!

Interesting, that’s exactly what happened to my Hunter, the mechanical dial just stopped working.

I’m sure you figured it out, but you can create schedules that works exactly like the old Hunter. Set runtimes for each zone, set specific days to water with start times, etc… that’s how I started.

Then I found the manual cycle and soak setting that I really liked because I wanted to run a zone for 20 minutes, but not all at one time. I wanted to water for 5 minutes, allow the water to soak in for at least 10 minutes (avoid runoff), then water again for the next 5 min until the full 20 min was complete. With the Hunter this was a pain. With the Rachio the Cycle & Soak setting does this for me.

Sorry if I’m sharing something you’ve already figured out.

Take care!

Thanks, Sandy. This is helpful. Continued good luck to both of us!

Sandy, it’s Jack again. I’m just starting to discover features about the Rachio 3 because I live in Northern California, where it’s been raining seemingly constantly for the past four or five months. As a result, the Rachio 3 just sat there doing nothing. Now the rain has stopped, and the Rachio 3 has found a purpose.
I just discovered a feature that you probably know about, but just in case you don’t, here it is: On the Home screen display at the top, each day’s weather shows, and if there is a run schedule for that day, a blue water-drop icon appears under the temperature forecast. When you click that icon, the day’s watering schedule appears, including which zones are to be watered and for how long. Duh! This is what I’ve been looking for!

Thanks Jack, I had not found that option. I will check it out. Y’all have been getting tons of rain out there. Here’s hoping things get back to normal for you. Appreciate the sharing of info. Take care! Sandy