Rachio 3 Says it is running but does not turn valves on

Got the Rachio 3 finally connected to my wifi (had to use an android device, wouldn’t work with an apple device, wtf). Once it was connected I did a quick run on every zone (6 of them) and not one of them turned on. Thought it might be an issue at the valves but they all manually worked. Decided to hook up the old controller, worked like a charm. For some reason the Rachio 3 will not turn the valves on, yes I have a master valve and yes it is active in the app. I even tried returning my original Rachio 3 and got a new one just in case something was bad with that unit but that wasn’t it as I have the same problem with the new unit

Please help!

@tivo17 - can you post pictures of the wiring on the original and Rachio controller?

Can you confirm the solenoids in the valves are designed for 24 VAC? And that it is not a two wire system (where only two wires total go to all valves)?