Rachio 3 running perfectly

So many posts and questions about issues and problems here. Here’s some positive news: I just wanted to chime in and say since I set up my Rachio 3 last year, it has been running smooth and steady since it was set up. Not a single missed step.

My schedules run great, and over time I’ve been able to add and tweak them a bit to suit my needs.
The weather network has been pretty much spot on.
The whole system has been very reliable. Impressive.

Thanks to the Rachio team for such a great product.


Awesome to hear! Most people that have well running systems don’t venture onto the community support forum for anything. It is always those that have issues, so it is great to have those positive stories too! I’m 5 plus years in on mine.


I am a new user of a Rachio 3. I was scratching my head at first when comparing what it was doing compared to my old fixed schedule controller. But after visiting this forum and educating myself and tweaking settings I think things are going well. Not so much that they weren’t going well before, but I understand more. So, user error was my issue. I continue to learn and tweak to dial the thing in.

Just got a set of catch cups to use to measure my zones’ outputs and dial in further.

I think the Rachio 3 is a great product!


Five years for me too! I had a pretty big learning curve at the beginning, but I’m happy that I learned it, and what looked hard at the beginning is now pretty simple. It’s worked very well for me too (started with the Gen 1 and use a Gen 3 now. I did have one Gen3 die after the warranty period from an electrical surge, but eplaced it right away and it’s doing fine again.)

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Same here. I’ve literally been trouble free since the day I hooked up my Rachio 3 (8 Zone almost 3 years ago. I basically registered to this community forum for knowledge and advice.

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Joining @tmcgahey in a 5 year club, technically running two controllers, since I’ve moved my Gen 2 to replace my parent’s controller when I’ve upgraded to Gen 3. My parents are happy too, they primarily use the app to start a sprinkler fountain water show when they are enjoying the sunset outside, everything else is handled by the initial flex daily schedule I’ve setup.

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OK. I’m also technically running two controllers - I also run my daughter’s Gen 2 that is 1300 miles away from me. She loves it! (I’m that weirdo old folk whose kids come to ME for all their technology questions)