Rachio 3 - Rain Sensor always ON


I recently moved from RainBird to Rachio 3. Old Rainbird was having a “Hydro Rain” accessory from which the wires were connected to Rainbird. Below the image of the old setup.

I replicated the same wiring config to the new Rachio3 (12 zone). All working good, except the RainSensor is always ON. Below is the wiring for new Rachio3 setup.

I read in the document that " * Sensor ( S1 , S2 ) terminals - use S1 or S2 for a single sensor, NOT both" …But, i copied the same config of old system to new Rachio3 in which s1 and s2 is connected. Also, in old system thin green wire is not connected anywhere so i followed the same in Rachio3 also…

Am i missing something? am novice in the configuration steps.

@worldpeace - one of the wires going to the Sensor ports will need to be moved to the 24 VAC - terminal. My guess is the white wire. If that doesn’t work try the yellow wire in 24 VAC - and the white wire in the S2. Be sure to set the right sensor port in the app to a rain sensor.

Thanks. But, what about the red thin wire which is already going into the 24 VAC -? keep both red and white in the same slot?

@worldpeace - yes. Look under support.rachio.com for wireless rain sensor configurations. There isn’t one listed for Hydro Rain, but all of them have two wires into the 24 VAC - terminal.

Thanks @DLane … Looks like the notification went away. I will keep monitoring the device.