Rachio 3 powers off during cycle

Hi, posting here as I’m in Australia and tech support chat is never open for my timezone.
Rachio 3 was working great for 3 months, but now when any zone is triggered, the solenoid opens and the controller loses power. I thought faulty solenoid drawing too much current, but it does this on all zones. If I power off/on at the mains socket the controller boots, connects to wifi and we go round the same loop.
Power supply output is a 24v ac with 1amp. Not the 110v AC one but a 240v AC for Australia.
Any ideas?

If it’s happening on all zones, sounds to me like a failed power supply. Though that seems odd, since it’s just an AC/AC transformer. Pretty simple thing. Not much that can go wrong with them.

I’d probably pick up a decent-quality 24VAC output transformer with adeqate current output capability and the proper barrel connector and try it. That would be the simplest and quickest trouble-shooting step.

(Actually, what I’d probably do first is cobble-together a barrel connector jig that would allow me to measure the output voltage of the existing power supply while it was plugged into my R3. But I’ve been dabbling in electronics since the days of glow bottles, and have all sorts of electronic-y parts laying about :wink: .)

If trying a substitute power supply: To be certain, I’d use a multi-meter to check the output voltage of both the Rachio’s provided transformer and the new one, before plugging the new one into the R3.

I’ll get another PSU and check the current draw before and after the cycle. Hopefully it’s just the PSU otherwise this looks like an expensive issue from a brand new unit.

Just to close off this topic, the issue was a protection component in the input side of the power. Interestingly the component passed voltage at lower current but when the higher current was required the unit failed.

The tech used a capacitor to replace the component but has since replaced the correct item.