Rachio 3 Power Source with Pump Start Relay

Hello, been doing lots of reading and video watching but my answer has not been found.

Currently running irrigation via 2 hp pump fed by lake in backyard, 4 zone index valve controlled by intermatic timer (pump and timer 220v).

I am looking to convert the irrigation system to inline manifold controlled by a Rachio 3. I understand I will need a pump start relay and will be purchasing the Orbit 57009 from Home Depot.

So my question is: will the Rachio 3 get power from pump start relay or do I need to run 110 to the Rachio, to power it (as this will be a problem)?

Thank you all in advance.

I am not positive if I am understanding your question, but will try:

  1. The pump start relay will be plugged into 240VAC with the other end going to the pump as you have it
  2. The Rachio’s transformer will be plugged into 120VAC with the barrel connector plugged into the Rachio
  3. The Rachio gets wired to the pump start relay & configured in the app. This is a 24VAC line that triggers the relay.

I do not think the PSR have a 24VAC output that can run the Rachio all the time, plus it does not have terminals for power input.

I see your current pump & timer are 240VAC. Maybe that is more of the question. Are they both wired in or plug in (a picture might be helpful)? If plugged in, you could get a 240VAC to 120VAC adapter.

If getting 120vac to the rachio is a problem you might consider a 240vac to 120vac converter. Feed 120vac to a 120vac receptacle and plug in the rachio power transformer there.

Thank you, yes I am familiar and understanding the wiring.

Question is: Does the Rachio get power from the pump start relay or does it need to be plugged into 110vac? I think i know the answer…the Rachio needs it own 110 power supply and does not get power from the relay.

So, I will need to tap into an outside outlet and run conduit approx 30 ft, which I was trying to avoid.

Needs its own power, not from the PSR directly

Thank you.

Check with Rachio. I followed their early advice and bought a relay from Munro that looked as though it would do the job. Long story cut shirt, it didn’t and I had to get a slightly different model.
Cost if the first box was compounded by having to dhip the new one from US to Greece.
Seems the Rachio has quite specufic requirements

Your pump start relay and pump wiring, how many wires 3 or 4. If 3 wire then you should have 2 hots and one ground, and you will have only 220 or 240 VAC. If 4 wire you may have 2 hots one neutral and one ground. Then you have 120 VAC.

Get a 220 to 120 transformer. then plug into that a 24vac brick. From the brick run low voltage wires back to the Rachio. Do not forget to put fuses in proper locations.

Unless I misunderstood, I think you have it backwards. Three wires usually is 120 VAC, one of each hot, neutral, and ground. Four wires is usually 240 VAC, two hot (out of phase from each other) and one of each neutral & ground. These are, of course, it the end of the circuit is there. If it goes to another outlet, double it.