Rachio 3 Power Cycle

Had the reboot with new firmware also. First reboot I’ve had since install. So this is norm if new version is pushed to reboot after update?

Yes, any new firmware will cause a “reboot”. It’s not actually a power cycle, but a hardware reboot.


Please thank the team for working on the issue. Mine actually has been ok for the last week except for 4 power cycles on Monday from 7am to 3pm. Hope this new firmware resolves the issue. Will keep an eye on it.


Ok thanks.

Any way to tell the date/time when a device was updating to a new firmware? Saw power cycles at 3:31 and 3:33 pm CST yesterday and am on 5-504.

Also, in past, when these power cycles occurs, seems they consistently happens only a few mins apart.

Wifi still an issue even with 5.504 firmware, except now it wont log offline or power cycle events… I would see the usual blinking lights on the controller trying to connect, with no history…was this part of the update?

Really wish this had ethernet connection, would resolve this stability issue. Please advice router, since rachio tech claims my router is “very old”.

I am also getting constant power cycling according to the history on the app. All the watering is taking place “offline” therefore, and I have lost control over it. I wonder if I am also the victim of these bugs in the firmwares. I am on 5 504.

Thanks everyone, our hardware team is still researching this issue. Will not impact your watering schedule, we believe it is due to some network setups. Will let you know when we have more information.


@franz I’m happy to report that firmware 5.504 seems to have fixed my regular power cycle issues. Haven’t had a power cycle in days.

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It would be super nice if the history view showed when firmware updates occur and not just “reboots”. If makes it very hard to troubleshoot why a reboot is occurring for the user.

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Its interesting the new firmware 5.504 “appears” to resolve the power cycle issue when it clearly doesn’t log my controller offline. Please advice? Any word on supported routers?

5-5.0.4 hasn’t addressed power cycle issues w Gen 3 here.

Also Rachio needs to eventually make connectivity with Netgear Orbi, a common home mesh wifi system, more stable.

Update: My Rachio 3 has not had any power cycles shown in the history since the firmware update on 5/25. I periodically checked on the status of the controller which showed it is online. 5-504 seemed to have fixed the power cycle issue at least on my unit. :grinning:

Update 6/5: Unit ran while offline this morning with no power cycle in history.

Intermittent power cycling behavior continues with my Rachio 3 running f/w 5-549. Last evening it there was no apparent reason to trigger it. Rain sensor deactivated at 4:32 PM whereas the R3 power cycled itself twice at 7:08 and 7:10 PM respectively. When will this unit become more stable? Don’t rem this w/ my Gen 2.

This is a real off chance, but can you check your WiFi strength at the Rachio? Last fall I moved my router from being pretty close to where the Rachis is mounted outside, to the center of my house. Didn’t pay attention to the Rachio as I had it in standby. Then this year, I started having problems with lots of power cycles on my Rachio. Wifi is fine on that side of the house for everything else. So I moved the router back to where I originally had it,closer to the Rachio, and I haven’t had a power cycle problem since. Mine is a Gen 1, not a Gen 3 (yes, once I stop traveling so much and can be home to monitor things for a couple of weeks, my Gen 3 is getting installed).

Might not be the problem at all, but I think it might be worth checking.

Glad to know I am not the only one. My Gen3 showed 5 power cycles Monday morning (9-3-18) within just a couple of hours, several sets just a few minutes apart.

No other indications in the house of power issues - microwave clock, etc.

Never saw this with my gen2.

I just sent a long note to tech support – My Gen 3 has started power cycling multiple times, starting on 9/16 (which I thought might have been due to the winds and rain we had from Florence - my unit is outside in an enclosure). I thought that those two on 9/16 might have been power failures? But since 9/18 I’ve been having lots of problems - its had 31 power cycles since then!!! I’m hoping support will be able to figure something out (I’m at Firmware iro3-firmware-hk-5-587)

Like several others here, no other indications anywhere in my house of issues - Hoping they will figure something out!

New install. Operating 2 months give or take.
1 power cycle this morning
6 yesterday
1 Monday
More previously…
How many zones do you have wired up? 7/8
How many commons are you using? 1
Do you have any accessories (rain, flow, etc)? No
Is your Rachio plugged into a socket that’s connected to a switch? No
What kind of wifi network are you on? Orbi Mesh 5gig

Last updated 2:48 PM today.

Also having same issue currently. Logged an incident with support from within the app but haven’t had a response.

Firmware now seems to be 5.632?