Rachio 3 Offline/Turning itself off

My rachio 3 keeps completely offline. When this happens there are no lights on the front of the controller. The only way to fix is to unplug it from power and plug it back in. This results in it working again for a few days until it inevitably turns itself off again. This only started happening in the last few months so it seems like my unit may be failing. What can I do to troubleshoot?

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@sirslimjim - try a different outlet?

I just had the same issue last night. It was supposed to start a schedule at midnight. At 1am, I received an e-mail notice saying my controller was offline. When I went out to the garage to check, there were no lights on at all. It shares a plug with some other devices which were all unaffected. I unplugged the power adapter, waited 15 seconds, and reconnected it. It booted back up and attempted to start the schedule that was missed overnight.

@JMers - FYI I reached out to the Rachio support via online chat and they said they’ll be sending me a new power-brick to address this issue. Might be worth doing the same to see if that fixes your problem as well.

@sirslimjim Thanks! Good to know. This is the first time it happened. I’ll keep an eye on it for a while and see if the problem reoccurs. I’ll get random occurrences where it goes off wifi and I have to reconnect, but I was surprised when I walked out this morning and it was completely off and nonresponsive.

I’m having the same exact issue! Wonder if i need a new power brick