Rachio 3 offline after power outage

After a power outage Rachio went offline. I followed troubleshooting suggestions online. I turned on WIFI and turned on airplane mode. I unplugged Rachio, waited > 30 seconds and plugged back in. Now 1st quadrant is white, second quadrant is flashing white with red showing every 10th flash. Online forum seems to indicate Rachio is stuck in Boot sequence. House router is on the internet and working with other devices. Help. I need to water my lawn tonight!

@sepud52 - try to power cycle your router unplug it for a couple of seconds and plug it back in your rachio should be able to connect back to your network

Anthony –

Thanks for the reply. I have already power cycled per online instruction leaving Rachio3 unplugged for 30 seconds. Still white flashing light with red every 10 flashes in second quadrant. Sure would be nice if support published error codes for flashing lights. Any other thoughts.


John D.


To clarify, did you power cycle your ROUTER? Not the Rachio, but your router.

@sepud52 - have you try to update the WiFi on the controller?

Hey sepud52, Light Codes are published here:

I “think” you are describing a “Awaiting WiFi” error. I’m with Anthony and Twin1…that you might want to either restart your router (assuming it generates the WiFi - not some other WiFi Access Point in your house). And/Or I would run the “WiFi Reset” on the Controller to re-establish the connection/password.

Yes I did but to no avail. Contacting Rachio Support.

@sepud52 - I think @franz - can your controller back up and running you may have to PM him some information

Thank you for the link to Light Codes – very useful. Problem with controller a boot error and unit must be replaced.

Thanks for the advice.

Yes I worked WIFI on controller and router. Turns out problem with controller a boot error and unit must be replaced.

Thanks for the advice

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I just had the EXACT same problem. Don’t know if a faulty GFI outlet (and maybe some storms) fried it, but it wouldn’t boot anymore. And just my luck, my controller was 6 months out of warranty. But the good news is that it took less than 10 minutes to install the new one and test all the zones. And ALL my info transferred over, including all the moisture details. AND I had no problems connecting it back to my network with my iPhone 11. Hope your replacement will be as easy. Mine was a 3.


Thanks for the info – glad to hear the data transferred. I was lucky my unit was only 1 month old. I plan to place a surge protector before the Rachio to avoid this problem in the future.

John D.

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This has happened to 2 controllers that I own now. First was out of warranty, was able to buy a new one for 125$. Next time we had a power outage it happened again, so was replaced under warranty. I love this unit, but that this has happened twice in 3 years is a bit worrisome. A power outage shouldn’t cause a boot error everytime the grid freaks out (I have over a hundred smart devices in my house and Rachio is the only one that ever has issues when the power goes out).