Rachio 3 not turning on sprinklers

Had my Rachio 3 for a couple of years. Going through heat wave in Texas - noticed lawn turning brown. Was in the garage and noticed a white light on the Rachio - so i unplugged and plugged back in. Got the long blue light. App was saying that it could communicate to the controller so I thought I was good.

Few days later I was still had the brown spots so I tried to do some spot watering. The app said the area was on - but no sprinklers were on. Tried the rest of my lawn. Nothing. The app says it’s watering, the wifi light is on the controller. No water coming out. Opened the controller and all of the wire’s seem to be snug and not loose.

This was working a few weeks ago - can’t find troubleshooting if the wifi seems to work but water isn’t coming out.

@dude95 - several things will impact all of the zones:

  1. The water is physically turned off to the sprinkler system. Is there a separate manual valve or backflow preventer that is closed? A way to test this is to manually open a valve using the bleed screw or solenoid. If a master valve is in the system, then the master valve will also need to be opened for a zone to work.

  2. The wiring is broken between the Rachio and the first valve. Has any digging been done recently? A way to test this is to get a multi-meter and test the resistivity between a zone wire and the common wire. I disconnect both wires from the Rachio when doing this test.

  3. Master valve failed. A possible way to test this is to manually open the master valve using the bleed screen or solenoid and then running a zone.

Post back results or any questions.

Water was turned off at the manual valve around the side of the yard. Neighbor was helping me out in the winter when a freeze came through. Can’t believe the yard isn’t totally brown.

Thanks for the help.

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