Rachio 3 Not Responding in Homekit (Again)

Yes, it did affect me, and then found that I was unable to add the controller to homekit at all. The beta has some side effects that are not nice.

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I think I have seen this in the past but can’t seem to locate it in the flood of 1,300+ posts. I need to re-add my Rachio to the Home app. I removed it and now when I try to add it back in, the Home app never finds or sees the Rachio. I suspect the Rachio is not aware it was dropped from the Home app. Anyone know how to reset the HomeKit setting on the Rachio so that it broadcasts and can be added back to my home?

Try holding down the stop button 10 seconds (or more) and let the light cycle, then add Rachio back to HomeKit. *Once you try to add it (by manually typing in the code) and it doesn’t, stay on that screen and hit the add button again. *Same screen.

Same issue, reported this 3 months ago when I got the beta firmware. No response from Rachio so can’t really test the firmware

Yea, it appears I am stuck in this trap.


Does this mean just more logging or are they actually trying something to fix it?

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Probably more logging. He says new beta firmware released, yet doesn’t say the build or any other info. haven’t seen any new firmware pushed in weeks…
Each week, we get a generic, one line comment on progress (which is vague to say the least)…This whole beta process just seems like a mess :unamused:

Completely agree. I’ve been on the beta since the beginning and they have been absolute garbage about telling us anything. I have literally received nothing; I would just check the firmware and see a beta version there (still the version they pushed out back in April, “iro3-firmware-hk-11-8”)


HK-13-2 beta here . No clue if this is new , old , or what. Ready to bow out of this beta test :frowning:

I was pushed “iro3-firmware-hk-15-3" this week and asked to try it again. As I indicated above, I can’t get the controller added to HomeKit. Sent a couple of follow-up emails but have not received a response.

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Same here.

With the previous beta it had worked almost perfectly. If I could pick the firmware myself, I’d go back to the previous beta. Maybe I’d drop out of the program, because the regular release version was working well, too.

This beta test seems like “Hotel California”!!!


Rachio : “Hey team, we got a lot of pissed off customers. They see we are selling this unit, saying it is HomeKit compatible. It’s not, we know it, and we have no clue how to fix it. We will keep selling it as being Homekit compatible. To avoid lawsuits for false advertising, we will throw out a few beta builds to users, they will have no clue what is fixed or not, and give generic weekly updates, maybe that will shut them up for a while for this mess to die down…”

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@alexrodriguez Wow! Well my unit is running iro3-firmware-hk -11-8 and judging by the difference in numbers, you have the result of many more iterations. Maybe there is something more they need to do on their end? Jeez. This just feels like a rat hole.

@Scaryfast - It took me a few moments to understand your post and why Hotel California would be appropriate given this long running unresolved defect. Alas… I got it.

“We are all just prisoners here, of our own device”


I’m on release iro3-firmware-hk-11-8, which is the April Fools special if I’m not wrong. I suspect that having removed 50-odd smart switches from the WiFi network it is substantially less congested, and now the Wretchio mostly stays connected to HomeKit. It does disconnect from time to time, usually because I have done something totally evil to the WiFi - this week it was rename the home WiFi to some other name and create a new WiFi network with different hardware but using the old SSID. This was so I could connect my bed to the Internet. I’m still working on finding a HomeBridge thing to allow me to voice control my bed from Siri: “Hey, Siri, fold my wife’s side of the bed into a taco". Anyway, if it does disconnect then the most reliable way I’ve found of bringing it back into the fold is to unplug it, sneeze three times†, and then plug it back in.


†) OK, just wait a moment instead if you don’t want the magical effect of sneezing being the thing that fixes the sprinkler system, but instead want the mundane “I turned it off and on again” solution.

Maybe we should complain to Apple and have their certification revoked.

It’s been how many years? Between this and the forecasting for Canada not working. I have almost had enough.

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Just my two cents, but I think Rachio and team do not need any administrative distractions to take them away from fixing this. The reality is if this ends up not getting fixed, they will have other issues.

You know, I’m suspecting that it’s a small number of their customers that use HomeKit, and a small number of that small number that are having significant issues, so I don’t know how much they’ll be incentivized to fix this in a hurry. Having said which, now that I’ve got rid of 50+ Leviton Wi-Fi based HomeKit switches mine is working pretty well, which might suggest that the Rachio doesn’t like congested Wi-Fi.

Instead of calling the toilet “the John”, I call it “the Jim”…
That way it sounds a lot better when I tell people I go to “the Jim” first thing every morning…


Never had Leviton, but I am certain my environment is not congested. Makes sense though that no device would like a congested network.