Rachio 3 not connecting wi-fi because of rain sensor hookup?

I tried installing a Rachio 3 today and I learned later that I wrongly wired a Hunter mini-clik rain sensor before I tried connecting to wi-fi. I tried 3 times to have it connect to wi-fi and it failed every time.
long story short
I had another Rachio 3 and didn’t connect the rain sensor this time. I then saw the lights flashing across the middle of the controller waiting to connect and then with the wi-fi attempt, it worked perfectly. On the first controller, the only time I saw some flashing lights was when I first plugged it in and it was just a few lights on the right side of the controller for a few seconds, and there was never another light.

I’m trying to determine if there is something wrong with the 1st Rachio 3 or not. Would wrongly connecting the rain sensor affect the wi-fi so it wouldn’t be able to connect?