Rachio 3 Not Connecting To WiFi

Rachio 3 not connection to WiFi
It’s stuck on blinking White light then Red.

Here’s a list of things I have done:

Number one. I have made sure my Nighthawk Netgear R 8000 was updated. Number two. I have restarted my router

Number three. I have unplugged the Rachio three and pressed the white button to drain power

Number four I have press the Wi-Fi button to see if I could connect but after holding a green and yellow light blinks but then it just does the same thing over again.

Thanks, Matt

@TexasCy - Are you saying the light codes equates to the Boot Error One on this table ->

What device and OS version are you using to try and set up the Rachio?

@TexasCy If you run this and provide the generated code I can have the engineering team review.


Thank you for the help.
After running the directions for a hard reset by holding down the stop button, I did receive a white/pink light but it did not progress further.

I did download the app you suggested and received this code when it completed our network scan.

Thank you, Matt

Light is showing a solid white after trying to reset again just now.

Thanks, Matt

Could be a firewall issue? Can you create a guest network, no range extender or firewall and see if it connects from there?

Are you using an Android device? I had issues trying to connect using Android. It worked immediately when I tried with an iPad.

Same issue here. What I found out was the latest Android and iOS won’t work until AFTER you’ve connected. If you have an older device use that. Took me about 3 minutes once I pulled out a super old phone to do the initial setup.

Once WiFi connects, your rachio3 will download the latest update and you can use your real phone.

As an aside, don’t connect this to your main WiFi. If you have a guest one or can create a new guest network for your IoT stuff do it. It’ll save your security and private info in the long run.


You can try as follow reset the Wifi and clean the controller’s network settings , but not the zone as it is