Rachio 3 Not Connecting After Power Outage

Have a Rachio 3 that has been working perfectly until yesterday’s power outage. I tried several of the suggestions here:

  1. Press the reset button to re-establish wifi connection
  2. Unplug and plug it back, press reset button and try to establish wifi connection
  3. Delete controller from IOS app
  4. Delete IOS app and re-install

I’ve tried all of the above and now I’m just getting 3 solid white lights on the first 3 quadrants and a white blinking light on the 4th quadrant. App is stuck on Adding Controller to Wifi network…

I don’t know what else to do. Can someone please help? Did the controller die after the power outage yesterday?

Fwiw … even though my controller is now in Standby until spring due to watering restrictions (i.e. no outdoor watering allowed), I noticed that after a power outage 2 days ago my v3 controller showed “Not responding” in HomeKit. I didn’t do any troubleshooting (for a change), instead just waited to see if the problem would go away on its own, which it finally did. Probably not terribly useful info, but thought I’d post anyway.

Thanks, milehiguy. Yes, mine said the same thing on Homekit and that’s what prompted me to do a wifi reset. Late yesterday, it dawned on me that maybe it’s the IOS 14.2 Beta 3 software installed on my iPhone that broke the Rachio app. So I tried it on another phone that had non-beta IOS 14 and viola, I was able to pair it back to wifi.

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I have the same issue however it just remains in a blinking white light on LED 1, 2, 3 and 4 then goes to a red light and just repeats the loop.

Tried to power off for 10 minutes and on again.

Tried to hold down the “Stop” button until reset complete.

Tried old iPhone for IOS version.

Tried setting 2.4Ghz wireless to 20Mhz bandwidth.

Just not getting the Rachio Controller to connect to my wireless.

I have an 16 Zone Rachio 3 controller. Any suggestions …