Rachio 3, no PWS selectable

I have a rachio gen 3 and I also have an ambient weather WS2902 weather station. So far I have been unsuccessful in getting the two paired. The weather station has been setup at Weather Underground for a handful of days now and is accessible on WU. When I first setup the weather station I was able to select PWS’s located around the area, however now when I try I am only able to select official stations like the local airport. After reading the documents it looks like the gen 1 and 2 have an option to toggle PWS usage, but the gen 3 does not. It seems like I need to enable that feature but do not have the ability to do so.

See the attached screenshot, earlier there were about 6-7 PWS around my rachio icon.

Weather Station

Thanks in advance for any help

It can take about a week for your station to start showing up in our weather feed. If it doesn’t show up after that let us know and we can reach out to WeatherUndergound.


It seems the no weather underground stations are working. I used to have a station 2 miles from my home. Know they are not listed anymore. All weather underground stations are off. Any idea what happened?

Same problem here.

I believe WU is having some sort of API issues. I have notified their team.



Same problem here

My Rachio 3 also stopped showing my PWS in the selectable list, even though it is still supposedly receiving weather data from it.

I just upgraded my gen 1 to a gen 3 last week. My gen 1 shows my PWS, and still does in the offline mode. My gen 3 doesn’t see my station.
1st pic = gen 1 (currently in offline mode)
2nd pic = gen 3 options

IBM Weather Underground is still working to resolve this issue.

Dear TWC API Customer,
Our team continues to actively work on the issue and is currently implementing a fix to resolve the problem. Customers should start seeing data back for active PWS stations after the fix is implemented. Please note that it is possible that some stations may take up to 24hrs to recover as these might be cached. We will continue to monitor the issue and provide a final resolution confirmation as soon as possible.

My weather station along with all the other local pws are back up. Thanks

Hi Franz! Absolutely love my Rachio 3, so I decided to buy a PWS. It has been live and on Wunderground, but not on my Rachio dashboard for me to select. Can you reach out to IBM so it flows thru to Rachio and available as one of the PWS? The link is:


Thank you!!!

Awesome, great to hear!

@Bmh429 It takes about a week or a little more to start showing up. If it hasn’t shown up by then I can have the engineering team reach out to IBM.


Hi Franz!

Just following up. Checked my Rachio app this past Tuesday and my weather station appeared, however, Wednesday it was removed from the selections on the app and is still not available.

Would you please advise?


Many thanks,

I am also having the same problem. Gen 3, PWS (Ambient) functional for 2 years on Wunderground. Does not show up on the Rachio weather station map.