Rachio 3 Model Number

What is the model number for the Racho 3? Trying to see if my water district is going to give me a rebate, but they only list by model numbers.

Approved model numbers are: 16ZULW-B*, 16ZULWB*, 8ZULW*, 8ZULW-B*, Iro 16 Zone and Iro 8 Zone)

Guessing the above are version 2 and 1. Probably don’t have version 3 on their rebate list yet.

@seanoj - a quick Amazon search shows 8ZULW-C as the model number for an 8 zone Rachio Gen 3. The -B is the Gen 2 and the non-dash is the Gen 1, with the leading number being the number of zones.