Rachio 3 keeps getting stuck on 3rd light


I had Gen 2 controller working prior to the upgrading it to Gen 3 on my network. But ever since I have decided to upgrade to Gen 3, I am not even able to complete the initial setup. The controller keeps getting stuck at 3rd light!! After hours of power cycling my network setup, rachio itself and what not, I am ready to give up!! Lost the count on how many times I reset Rachio in past 24 hours!! This is just not acceptable.

I can see the Rachio 3 is connected to my wifi setup just fine but thats about it. I even deleted, reinstall latest app countless times. Even changed my DNS server to one of those public DNS ones but still no dice!!

Can someone from Rachio network support team help please?

@Aspiati - email support@racho.com to get Rachio employees.

What flavor of app is being used - iOS or Android?
Can the WiFi network be described?
Run the RouteThis app and have the code ready for support.

What happened with this? I am having the same issue and share the same frustration.

@jjudezamora - so many questions:

  1. New install or upgrade from an existing Rachio?
  2. Which generation of Rachio?
  3. What device (model specific) and operating system (release specific) is being used for setting up the device?
  4. Are you located in the US?
  5. Run the RouteThisApp and post the key returned or sent to support at Rachio dot com
  6. Describe the WiFi network - mesh, extenders, etc.
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