Rachio 3 keeps disconnecting from wifi intermittently

Hi all new to forum. I have been having an issue with my Rachio 3. At first all was ok but the all the sudden I noticed that the controller had the second blinking light on. After troubleshooting and submitting a support ticket I was told th as t the wifi signal to my controller was weak. I ended moving my wifi much closer but it seems like the problem hasn’t gotten any better.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

If you run this and provide the code I will have the engineering team review for any network anomalies.


Thx for the response. The app is asking me for a four digit code that should be provided by the support rep.

The article referenced above should have the code you need.


Thank you. I have completed the test and have the key. Should I paste it here or somewhere else.

Update: I placed the key in the open ticket i have.

It could be the merged network (same SSIDs) or the range extenders. If possible I would create a guest network from your main router (one band) and have the controller connect to that (no range extender) and see if that fixes the issue.