Rachio 3 is being a nightmare

I have wanted to have the Rachio installed for so long. I finally had it installed and goodness its been a nightmare. I need my lawn watered- we just had thousands of dollars in sod laid down and it cant not be watered.

The Rachio says it is not connected to wifi to add the controller. I have filed a routethis and submitted to support. I have gone on an older ipad that has an older operating system because support said the 3 doesnt work well with the new operating system. Nothing. I have been able to connect the device in my wifi log and then when i go into the app to add the controller it says there is no wifi. I have spent over 6 hours going thru support logs, troubleshooting and trying to make this work. Can someone please reach out to me and help- I am desperate.

@dudleyj87 - post the RouteThis code here and I’ll ask someone to look at it.

The network be described? What is the light status code? One may need to do a factory reset before trying the older iPad - was that tried?

Hey @dudleyj87!

So sorry for the headache. I want to get you in touch with our support team since they have all the tech to look into what’s going on. Feel free to either email support@rachio.com (and shoot me your ticket number) or call 844-4RACHIO.