Rachio 3 in Sweden - Rachio recommends 3min watering only

I just set up a Rachio 3 system here in Sweden (Europe). Technically it works fine, it controls my Hunter valve kits feeding my Hunter 0.4gph driplines. However when I set up the Zones (using a partially shaded Bamboo hedge as my example here) it recommends 3min only (!) watering, scheduled to never occur… It doesn’t matter which smart schedule I set, I always get 3mm and looking at the calendar - no watering, ever.

I have no clue what’s wrong here. There are weather sensors in the area, I adjusted the advanced flow rate to match my 0.4gph 12" spacing surface drip emitter line (Hunter) in the Advanced settings, but apart from that it is all pretty standard.

It is pretty hot here, and lately very little rain.
Here’s my closest weather station:

I don’t believe Flex Daily will work outside the U.S. Some have tried, I’ve seen signs of some success, then heard it didn’t work after all. The 3 minutes appears to be a result of Rachio program confusion. I’m not sure about Flex Monthly.

As to your settings, there’s no way a drip line, or any nozzle or system I know of, can produce 15.77 cm/hr (over 6" per hour), so I’m not sure where that figure comes from. To do that with your 74 sq meter area would require about 195 liters per MINUTE of water flow.

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Thanks! I’ll look into the international issue, I see other posts on this now that you’ve alerted me to this.

As per the flow I’m completely lost. I have a hunter drip,one, single run, under a single row hedge. Line spec is 0.4gph, with 12” spaced emitters. What I did was to try to say that in one hour my system should provide 0.4 gallons on a 1sf zone. Translated to liters and centimeters it would mean that it delivers 1,5l on a 900cm2 area.

That seems reasonable. But 1,5l = 1500cm3. Divide that by an area of 900cm2 gives a Nozzle Flow cm/h of 1.67, not the 15.77 cm you have entered in the table. So it may turn out right, as that flow is only 1/10 what you entered, so would result in a time 10 times as long.

My calculations came from the Area you entered in the above table 74 sq meters, along with a flow rate of 15.77 cm/h, so were way off. The Area is actually only used by Rachio in savings due to rain skips and such, so aren’t that important. ACTUAL area is, if you’re using it to calculate Nozzle Rate and such.

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Known issue , no one outside US can set up to have it run more than 3 minutes automatically , but pick an address in the US, I use any place in Montana and then set schedules. After that , change your address and pick a PWS that’s close . Tune as needed , but at least don’t get 3 min on everything . Pretty large issue that has been quiet on announcements.

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Thanks everyone!
I got a similar reply from Support. The flex schedules don’t work outside of the US, but that one could do the fixed one and then still benefit from the weather functions. I did set it this way and last night it rained and the app told me that it would cancel tomorrow’s watering cycle because of this.