Rachio 3 (HomeKit not supported) - Replacement or Refund please

Can someone please support me in replacing or refunding my Rachio 3? I bought this Rachio 3 in May 2019 and it worked totally fine until an automatic firmware upgrade (no option to opt out) introduced 3 issues.

i) After the firmware update; I could no longer use HomeKit as advertised when I purchased the product. Support materials suggested a hardware reset which I did; and then found that the second problem was introduced.
ii) Rachio 3 no longer supports controller setup with newer versions of iOS starting with iPhone 11 on version 13.4. Apparently new hardware models have a fix for this…but my device was manufactured before the hardware fix so my device is near impossible to set up (I had to find an uber old iPhone 6 to set it up). I eventually got the controller set up; and it updated itself to the latest firmware (632) however it still does not support HomeKit. Support blogs suggest that newly produced hardware might address the issue…but I am still 0% functional when it comes to HomeKit.

I am still within the 2 year warranty period and would like someone to please either issue me a newly manufactured model that supports HomeKit and/or issue a full refund. The product was advertised to support HomeKit which has been removed by a mandatory firmware update. I feel I have been quite patience and have spent a lot of effort troubleshooting since at least July 2020. I am shocked this still hasn’t been resolved. I feel it’s fair for a replacement model to be sent; and if that model still doesn’t support HomeKit I feel a full refund is in order.

Thank you,


You will need to contact Rachio support. The community is just customers like yourself.