Rachio 3 hardware mounting locations?

Will the Gen3 controller utilize the same mounting hole locations as Gen2? Or does the wall need to be patched up with new mounting locations established? Hopefully, it’s as easy as using the existing Gen2 mounting locations.

Hey @Chairman001,

Rachio 3 has the same mounting locations as Gen 2 - so no need to patch up the wall :slight_smile:

Lo :rachio:


Sorry, 2 more questions:
1.) Does Gen 3 also fit an existing Gen 2 outdoor enclosure box?
2.) Does Gen 3 use the same power wires/wiring as Gen 2? Or must you use a new AC adapter?


Don’t be sorry! Happy to answer questions. :slight_smile:

Rachio 3 will fit into the same outdoor enclosure and uses the same wiring as Gen2. However, it’s easier to use the new power supply because it fits better into the controller.

Feel free to check out more details in our FAQ :slight_smile:

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Thank you again, Laura. Also, if upgrading from a Gen 2 to Gen 3 unit, may I ask if the config from a Gen 2 unit can be easily migrated over to a Gen 3? For example, zones, soil types, etc? Or must a Gen 3 be installed and setup from scratch?

@Miles267 we have some automagical tools to copy your controller, zone and schedule settings from one controller to another. All you need to do is mount and wire!

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