Rachio 3 + flow meter issue

Hello! I have a new 16-channel Rachio 3 system with a EveryDrop 1004-EX wired flow meter. The flow meter is connected to the Rachio via shielded cable, with the shield grounded in the Rachio. I have calibrated the entire system (all valves) several times, and when I calibrate my flow rate is about 19.4 gpm. However, whenever my system turns on via the regular schedule I receive an email from Rachio with the following message:

“We detect a flow rate of 19.4 gpm even though there is no scheduled or manual watering active on your controller, Rachio-X####X. You may have a leak!”

This message only appears when I have a scheduled run and there is no evidence of a 19.4 gpm leak that I have seen, and I have a brand new master valve as well that should be turning the whole system off if there is indeed a leak somewhere downstream.

What should I do next in troubleshooting?



You have it wired wrong. You are probably connected to the C terminal or the 24VAC+ terminal which puts 60Hz signal on the wires at all times (and over voltages the meter by about 20V) which just happens to work out to exactly 19.4 gpm. As instructed here: How do I install a wired sensor or wired flow meter with Rachio 3? (kustomer.help), the wired meters should be connected to S1 (or S2) and 24VAC -.