Rachio 3 fixed schedule running longer than scheduled

This morning i found my garden schedule (1zone) running 1.5 hours after it started. It is scheduled to run for 8 minutes before sunrise. Then around 8 am my new grass seed zone was scheduled to run for 2 minutes, but ran for 14 minutes completely flooding the area. Any reasoning for this? I dont have any soak cycles enabled and the water running is verified through my water meter app that tracks my water usage.

All was working well until i added the fixed watering every 4 hours for the grass seed yesterday. I currently have the schedules disabled and running manual water schedules as i remember them

Without seeing how you have your schedules set up, it is impossible for us to know. Fixed schedules should run for the scheduled time…

Here are some relevant screenshots.

Yesterday i reactivated the lawn by roses schedule to watch it for the 4pm schedule, and it was still running at minute 3 of a 2 minture schedule. When I opened up the app, and i went to currently running (i cant find that selection in the app atm), and the timer at the bottom just started when i went to that section in the app, as if the schedule just started. I ended up stopping it.

Note: grass by roses was 4 schedules set for 2-4 minutes each. I just laid seed down and it was
90° out, so i was still playing with the times. Screenshots may differ, but all those schedules are 2-4min.

Here are photos of my water meter showing the 8am schedule running for 14 minutes:

Ya. They should run for the scheduled time, and have been for months, but i recently added new fixed schedules, and now its all out of wack

It happened again today. Shcedule was swt for 4 minutes, and i caught it running 9 minutes into the schedule.

Whole area is flooded again

I have the same type of issues. The Rachio changed my watering duration to almost double of what it is supposed to be for every zone. Not a soak, just the normal cycle that is scheduled. I am getting so frustrated by this Rachio. It used to be spot on, but this year there have far too many issues. I rarely change anything on my schedule or watering duration, but Rachio does that erroneously for me.

I reached out to support@rachio.com and they weren’t entirely sure what was going on either. After a day of looking into it, they decided to reboot my controller, and everything has been working as expected since then. Maybe give your controller a reboot? As simple as it may sound, it worked for me. So my frustration has been curbed.

We tend to forget that: 1) All kinds of things are fixed by rebooting a computer, and 2) These fancy schmancey controllers ARE computer. :slight_smile:

I turned off every zone through the Rachio app and miraculously the “garden” zone started watering 45 minutes later. This new software update is playing havoc with my Rachio controller. I unplugged the entire thing and will attempt a reboot tomorrow. Thank you for the information.

There is a rumor that Rachio is in financial distress.

My brother is having similar problems since the update, but rather than over watering, his lawn is starving for water.

Rumors from where? I highly doubt this to be the case.

Not sure what new software update you speak of, but I’ve not noticed any changes in mine…

The Rachio app on my iPhone and my desktop radically changed in the past few weeks. I will admit I don’t usually pay much attention to it, but with the issues I have been having it is a necessity to pay attention.