Rachio 3 does not start sprinklers

i just installed a rachio 3. wiring of the functioning hunter unit attached. wiring of the rachio is also attached. it wasn’t working, so i disconnected the rain sensor. i also tried with the master valve on and off without any change. this is really frustrating and i plan to return the unit unless i can get this sorted quickly. it’s really hot here and i might as well reinstall the old hunter unit. any help would be really appreciated.

Hey xlbagel! Try connecting the common wire to the “C” just right of the zone 8 connector point. The “C” connection you are using is for a master valve only. Hope this helps? H

I’m also curious…are you running mote than one valve per control port? That may not be proper. If you have 8 valves in your system, why not rune 8 ports for control? H

@xlbagel - try the white wire without the green stripe in either of the Rachio C terminals. I think the wrong white wire may have been put into the C port. Also, what kind of rain sensor was installed? No need for the Master Valve setting.

Also, same question on the doubled wires. Are there two different zones being run for those terminals or did they double the wire as they thought it might be too small?

@hlaudio - actually both C terminals should be connected together internal to the Rachio. The left most C terminal is NOT just for the Master Valve.

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Looks like you are missing a solid white wire for the common. In the Hunter pic their is a white wire and a white/green wire.

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not sure why there were two wires for each port, but i connected the additional white wire to the C and now it works. thanks for replying!

you were correct, it works now, thanks!

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that worked! thanks!

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