Rachio 3 dead on arrival

I have plugged it and lights are off , and the controller is dead. I have tested the transformer and ac power is OK.
Does anyone know if this unit has an internal fuse ?

@Wired208 - I’m not aware of an internal user replaceable fuse. @Gene knows more about the internal workings than anyone else outside of Rachio (IMHO). I’d call the support number, Rachio is very good about sending a replacement.

Rachio does have a fuse, but it’s a temperature based, self resetting, fuse.
If the supply is good, but rachio fails to work, the issue likely involves more than just the fuse (most likely one or more MOVs, aka surge protectors, are blown).
If you can go through Rachio support, or get a replacement from where you bought your controller from, than I recommend you do that.
Let us know if that won’t work and we’ll go from there.

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Thanks Gene for your response. I have opened a support case and I will do whatever i am told and eventually I could try to service myself if the spares are sent to me.