Rachio 3 Daily Flex is scheduled to water way to often

I just got my Rachio 3 set up and i’m using the daily flex scheduling. It however is scheduling each zone to water 1 inch of water 2-3 times a week, which seems excessive.

Details are:
Location: Austin, TX
Grass: Mostly St Augustine, some Bermuda
Shade: Most zones are full sun with only 2 out of 8 being some shade.
Soil: Silty Clay

For zone settings I left everything at defaults except the crop coefficient which I lowered from 65 to 55.

Is it expected to water that much, it seems quite excessive and is more then I ever watered in the past?
What is a good root depth for St Augustine grass, is the 9.8 inches default ideal or should I lower that?

9.8 inches? Looking around, I’ve seen more like 6 inches, but I’ll let others chime in. I have noticed that when I decrease the root depth, my Rachio will water more frequently, but less at a time.

Yea 9.8 inches appears to be the default that Rachio sets for warm season grass.