Rachio 3 Controller wireless add-on?

I have Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller which controls my front yard.
I’d like to add my back yard as well.

To run wires is too long.
Wonder if there is a way to connect and/or add a new back yard to Rachio 3 maybe wireless ? (so I don’t have to spend 200$ for a new controller)


Too long? You can run solenoid wiring for hundreds of feet…

Well ok, let’s say hard to run thru lots of walls. The original question still remains

If what you are asking is the ability to control a sprinkler valve wirelessly, I have already posted on that subject below

There is no cheap solution in the US so far that I could find, but I did find the necessary components from a company in china. I am in the process of assembling it together and will post back in my thread above if successful.

It includes a transmitter that takes the Valve output of the Rachio as input and transmits the on off to a Receiver that opens / closes a DC latching sprinkler valve). The receiver has ports for a Lithium battery and a solar panel and has a charge controller on board so it can keep the battery charged using the solar panel during the day. I bough a 12V 3ah LFP battery in the US, and a 6W solar panel to do the charging.

But if a lot cheaper than the US solution I mentioned in my thread, this is still almost $300 between the receiver, transmitter, battery and solar panel.

I’m working on solving this problem as well. I have two separate irrigation systems in front and back where the back is the system controlled by the Rachio 3. I’ve purchased components to control this with Raspberry Pi wireless controller cards and voltage sensors and relays.

I plan to put a voltage detector on Zone 4 and program the Pi to watch for the Zone to activate. It will then communicate to another Pi attached to my front zone where I plan to use a relay to turn on the solenoid and the irrigation to the front zone. So far, instead of costing $450 like the Hunter system, I’ve got about $110 invested.

I hope to be able to report success in a couple of weeks.