Rachio 3 Connected to Router but Not Connecting to Internet Xfinity Comcast


Attempting to install brand new R3 controller. App identified my wifi network and gets to the third bar, which initially flashes Blue but then goes RED. Called tech support and reset device but problem still exists. Supposedly escalated to a senior team but was told could be a 2-5 day wait???

FYI: When I logged into my cable modem/router, I see the DHCP assignment to the R3 controller, and my other devices (phone, tablet etc. are connected to the Internet).

Internet Specifics:
Cable Modem/Router: Comcast
WiFi: NetGear

Rachio Ticket #660595 & 661097

Help is greatly appreciated!!!

Can you run this app and provide the code that is generated? I will have the engineering team do a quick review.




Are you using an extender? I would try creating a dedicated guest network (single band) to try connecting the controller to. Here is some more information.


Thanks. I’ll check on the settings tomorrow. Will report back then.

Success! Not sure why there are issues with Xfinity, but you should note for future users. Went into the admin portal of the modem/router and changed two settings:

  1. Increased the advertisement period to 30 minutes and the number of “hops” to 9. Also enabled Zero Config
  2. Decreased the firewall security to “Low”.
  3. Rebooted the modem/router

See below.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing the solution and welcome to the community. Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.