Rachio 3 Boot failure

Anyone else have their controller recently brick? Mine had been operating just fine for over 2 years. About three weeks ago it lost connection, and I couldn’t seem to get the wifi to reconnect. When I checked for solutions online, I was directed that there was a known issue with the app that Rachio was resolving. If I needed to control the Rachio, I should use the browser instead of the app. I was able to log into my controller from a PC browser. After waiting a couple days, I went check on my controller. Though the controller had successfully run the mornings schedule, I still could not connect via the app. I began to debug the system via the feedback from the app (power cycle, wifi reset, system reset, contact support). It has now been over a week with no meaningful response from Rachio support.

I can’t help but think that my controller malfunction was tied to a Rachio app or firmware release. Thoughts?

Thanks, Greg