Rachio 3 Awaiting WiFi Error

Hello, new user here so apologizes if I’ve posted in the wrong forum. Just purchased the Rachio 3 and am trying to get it set up and I continue to encounter the Awaiting WiFi Error. I’ve reset the controller, my phone, and the WiFi network. I saw some posts that indicated better performance on 2.4Ghz networks, so I switched my phone over to that. I also downloaded the RouteThis app and ran it sitting on top of the controller but I think I need a ticket activated so I can get a tech to help me with it.

Any help or advice? I have full bars on both my 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bands in the garage next to the controller.

Thanks in advance

What type of phone are you using? What is the routethis code provided?

I’m on an iPhone XS. I took a screenshot at the end of the process, not sure if that is the code you need or not.

Can you try creating a dedicated network for the Rachio controller (2.4g) and bypass any WiFi range extenders you have. Also, if you have another mobile device I typically suggest trying with another device just to rule that out. If those I don’t work I would reach out to our support team who can help troubleshoot further.


All of my WiFi connected devices are off my mesh network, so by putting it on the 2.4Ghz network from my ISP it would be the same as being on a dedicated network. I tried again with my iPad Pro setting it on the controller in the garage and see result. Full WiFi signal across all bands but Rachio won’t connect.

Please advise how to reach out to the support team for additional troubleshooting.

OK, this site provides the different options to contact support.


Thank you for your patience!