Rachio 3 - Australia


There are a few questions on this, not concerned with wireless frequencies or weather station locations, etc. - I just want to know definitively, will the Rachio 3 work in Australia on 240v AC power? If not, do we need some kind of voltage step-down? Keen to buy the product, but don’t want a surprise when I oipen the box and plug it in.

The input specifications of the power supply does not matter . . . the important thing is the output specifications (24VAC, 1A) and the connection. I have seen several posts about this and here is one: Rachio 3 and Australia - illegal! - Getting Started / International Users - Rachio Community

I believe that the supplied power supply is only 110v, so you would need to buy a local replacement PSU.

As mentioned, you need a 24vAC 1Amp PSU. So NOT 24v DC. I think the majority of solenoids are 24vAC and so, and store selling irrigation parts should therefore have a suitable PSU.