Rachio 3 Australia


We currently use the Rachio 2 with Savant, Rti, Vera Etc. control systems in Aus. Love them. About to order the Rachio 3 for some upcoming projects Does the Rachio 3 work in Australia?


@Dvine - I think there are some radio frequency issues with the Rachio Gen 3 and use outside of Canada and the USA. International Rachio sales is limited to Gen 2 devices, I believe.


Ok. I am happy to stick with the Gen2’s if they are going to be readily available? Will the Gen3’s eventually make it out here or will we be left with an unreplaceable product and have to switch manufacturers? We put a lot of work into intergeating these seamlessly into our projects and don’t want to invest time into a superseded product


@Dvine - Rachio is still manufacturing Gen 2 devices. As to the second question, that would be a @Franz question.


Gen2 will be available next year.

We are looking into solutions for selling the Gen 3 in Australia.


Ability to disable Wireless Flow Meter radio? Australian usage

is adjusting (not replacing hardware, just tune it to other frequency) the frequency for gen3 not an option? would solve most i assume…


@sbarnhard - from watching another product deal with international wireless communication - in addition to changing the frequency there is a certification process, similar to FCC, that it will have to go through. So there will be 2x the SKUs (one US and one international) which adds to the production and logistical fun. I think the frequency will need to be fixed and not user adjustable, so it will involve a change to the board. I haven’t taken apart a Gen 3 device or checked any of the FCC documentation, but I’m thinking it is a monolithic circuit board that currently doesn’t have a daughter board that could be changed out for the other frequency. Not sure which is more challenging manufacturing wise and logistical wise - two different monolithic motherboards or one motherboard with two daughter boards options to deal with the different frequencies. It all comes down to $ spent versus $ gained.