Rachio 3 arrived with no faceplate

I received my new Rachio 3 via FedEx this afternoon. One small problem - the faceplate wasn’t in the box. I submitted a ticket with my order details. Please let me know if I need to do anything else. Hopefully you can just send me a faceplate and not an entirely new unit.

I love the new unit even sans faceplate. You guys really improved the install process. The push buttons are so much easier than the old ones and the settings transfer from my Rachio 2 was seamless. Kudos.


Thanks for reporting this. I think we had a few of these units leave the factory. Not a great experience.

I will work with our customer success team in the morning and get you a faceplate ASAP.

Thanks for being a community member and customer, and have a great weekend.


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that’s what happened with mine mshoak, rachio got me a new faceplate right away.

PS: i know the Rachio 3 launch has had some rockiness (2-3 week delay in large scale shipping, problems with the credit card vendor, and some isolated packing issues) but the product itself is AWESOME and this is a great company with great leadership and community outreach and a long history of it… it will get better for Rachio 3 and very soon this will all be behind the community and everyone will be enjoying these units and the new wireless flow meter and I’m sure franz and the entire team will be using this experience to better insure future launches go more smoothly.

Thanks for your positive words @boldblue737. I’m going to work with our community manager next week and will get you two some Rachio swag for this oversight :wink:



Hey. I am Rachio proud! #rachiswagslicious.

I just bought a new home with a Rachio 3 16 zone controller; it does not have a faceplate. Where can I go to find/buy the faceplate?

Contact Rachio – 1 844 4RACHIO (1 844 472 2446)