Rachio 3 app use of Wunderground confusion

I have MY OWN weather station on my roof (Ambient WS5000 if it matters) setup in my Rachio app and really don’t understand the purpose. It seems to do nothing to control weather related watering, Maybe I am missing something in the app to set it up?

I constantly get “Next Schedule cancelled” delays because my set number of inches (1/2") of rain is PREDICTED within 24hrs. 90% of the time it NEVER EVEN drizzles.in the next 24hrs and the schedule doesn’t run. That is “normal” here in central FL. It could, and has poured 3 blocks away but the sun shines here with zero rain.

However what NEVER happens is when we get one of those Florida 2" of rain in 1 hour" afternoon storms every few days during “rainy season” (now) which my rain gauge clearly shows 2" of rain in my app(s) the next morning’s schedule does NOT get cancelled

Isn’t the purpose of setting up a weather station to use it’s “real time” live data to, among other things, not run a schedule 4 hours after a 2" of rain deluge?

What am I missing?


What schedule type are you running? Can you confirm that Rachio is seeing the correct information?

As for forecasting, your weather station obviously doesn’t have weather prediction capabilities, so Rachio uses a service for that. Weather men/women are the only people I know that can get their job wrong over 50% of the time and still have a job, so…

To help out, you can raise the threshold. I think default is .25", and you can bump that up so that you don’t get as many forecasted skips.