Rachio 3 and Rainbird RSD-BEx


How do I know whether to use 24V+ or 24V-?

Attached is links to the manual, and pics of the rain sensor and the old panel.


Thank you in advance

@bsoneill - use 24- VAC and S1. Which wire goes where shouldn’t matter, but put red in S1 and yellow in 24- VAC

See ->

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Thank you. I hooked it up tonight.

Question- I unplugged my controller to connect the rain sensor and after plunging it back in my Rachio Wireless Flow Meter did not connect. The meter is above ground and about 40 to 50 feet away. I either didn’t wait long enough or I needed to reset the meter. It connect immediately after removing and reinstalling the battery. A couple of questions. Is this normal? And do I need to recalibrate after pulling the batteries?

@bsoneill - I’m not sure on the flow meter, I’m guessing that it would reconnect after a period of time due to trying to save the batteries. No, I don’t think you’ll need to recalibrate the flow meter. The flows should be saved for each zone in the Rachio system.