Rachio 3 and motion automation (HomeKit)

Each night the racoons come to our place and wreck our new lawn. I think I have the plan of attack but we are missing one element to the strategy.

We have the Rachio 3 smart sprinkler system which has HomeKit integration. We just bought the Eufy pro security cameras which again ties into HomeKit secure. Lastly we have the house integrated with Lutron Caseta lighting switches.

Currently we have a HomeKit automation that triggers when the security camera detects motion, the exterior patio and string lights come on. Unfortunately this blast of light does scare the critters away. I am hoping some genius here can help me to turn on my backyard grass sprinkler zone to was away the racoons away. In the automation, we can select everything, blinds, lights, doors BUT not the rachio controller.

I reached out to support at rachio and they noted this feature is currently not available. Anyone have an idea to override this and make it work?

Developers, please incorporate this extra HomeKit functionality as soon as possible so I can spare my lawn. At 1:30am last night I saw on of the buggers ripping up the lawn which we then turned on the sprinklers. We heard the yep and he didn’t come back but his friends did!

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Would IFTTT work for you? This example uses a different camera but it should not be hard to modify for your system.

Someone suggested the Eve app on Reddit. Looks like it will work. We will later tonight after the sun goes down and the critters arrive. If the eve doesn’t work, then will try this method.

Will keep everyone posted if it works.

You could use openHAB, and create a rule for this. It is integrated with HomeKit, and there is a rachio binding in progress, but appears to work.

Hey Rachio developers, any update on this HomeKit automation?

To me this should be a simple fix in home kit. In HomeKit I see and can run each zone as needed. The only thing missing is adding it to an automation, that’s it.

I’m still having racoon problems where the buggers come randomly and tear up the lawn. Currently I have my lights come on in the back yard when motion is detected on the camera. If I awake from the light in the middle of the night, right in the home kit app I set my zone 4 on and blast the coons away! Works like a charm but I have to be awake to manual over ride.

Please Rachio developers, update the controller to be allowed to be part of automations in home kit. I have tried 3rd party apps but they all do not work.

Thank you in advance.