Rachio 3 and Hunter Wireless Rain Click

Good evening

I just installed my Rachio 3 and the setup was very easy but now I was wondering if anybody got issue to install their rain sensor. I have an Hunter Wireless Rain Click and it seems activated (RED = Wet) and it should be GREEN (Dry)

I turned off the Rain sensor in the rachio app

Thank you !!!

@Galette - From the Hunter manual:

When you first apply power to the receiver,
the SENSOR STATUS LED will be RED. Press
the manual test spindle on the transmitter
for five seconds and release the spindle. The
SENSOR STATUS LED will turn GREEN indicating
proper operation

Yeah…I tried this earlier and still RED. At te same time, I am wondering if it is very necessary to have a rain sensor with Rachio 3.

@Galette - Then I might check the sensor to make sure it is clean, etc.

With a Rachio (Gen 1, 2 or 3) a rain sensor is a “belts and suspenders” approach to catch the situation where there is no precipitation forecast, but it does rain before or during a scheduled run.

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@DLane, the rain sensor was green before I replaced my old hunter controller.
Unless 1 wire is not set correctly ?

Ok I switched my 2 yellow wires and press the manual test spindle on the transmitter again and now the rain sensor is GREEN !!!

Thanks @Dlane for your support


@Galette - I’ll have to remember that trick for the next post. Glad you thought of switching the two yellow wires and that it works!

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I couldn’t get my wireless sensor to work. I tried swapping the wires and sensor ports to no avail. I climbed up on the ladder and pressed the spindle test button…nothing worked. The sensor was always in the active (rain sensed) mode so I just disconnected it. It seems like overkill anyway if the Rachio uses rain reports in the area.

@yankeepch - confirming Rachio Gen 3 and Hunter Wireless rain sensor?

Can a picture of the wiring be posted? Was the rain sensor port enabled in the app?

Was the rain sensed/active mode determined based on the lights on the rain sensor base or the Rachio app?

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mine when setting up last week took a while to turn green, i did not push the button on the side of the sensor. hour/hours ?? don’t recall exactly, just disabled it by pushing the bypass button on the rain sensor
i think i have it wired correctly, but i have the sensor in bypass mode, so it is not being used at this time, but is a button push away from being used, if needed.
i think my schedule is set to .125" to stop watering if raining, (under Weather Intelligence PLUS)


I have a case logged with support but I have not had a reply in several days so I thought I would try the community. I have a Rachio 3 with a Hunter Rain Clik rain sensor. After I hooked it up it stays connected for a while and then I get a notification it is deactivated and never reconnects. I have tried flipping the yellow wires and changing and activating the blue wire from S1 to S2 to see if that made a difference. It still connects and I have a green light on my Rain Clik and deactivates in the Rachio app. The Rain Clik sensor led is green the entire time. Any suggestions on what to check?

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@sthawkins5 - what happens went the manual test spindle is depressed on the rain sensor? Is there an alert on the rachio?

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Nothing on the Rachio but the sensor flashes. I took it down and clean it up and it showed up on the Rachio. It was wet from cleaning and it was deactivating the schedule. Waited overnight but it still was deactivating the schedule. Took out the disk in the sensor and they were dry. Tried pushing the button on the sensor but it would not do anything. After messing around with it some more it would sometimes connect. I think the battery on the sensor is going. It’s only 2 to 3 years old. I just disconnected it from the Rachio and probably either go without or by a new rain sensor.

Appreciate your time and assistance.

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Are the yellow and white wire in the 1 terminal making a good connection? Might be the issue,

I have mine connected to the r3, but i manually disabled it by pushing the button on the hunter. My schedule is flex daily, so if it waters wet is fine but will monitor it, and have it just in case.i have tested it though, worked as intended.

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I have same problem, not able to solve yet. Is there any solution yet?