Rachio 3 and Australia - illegal!

Thanks for the information.

I live in Japan and was keen to import a Rachio 3 here - given the frequencies above the closest mobile carrier is Softbank using 900MHz (not sure the exact frequency).

Would you have any specific information in regards to Japan?

I removed the transmitter from my Rachio3 and its working well (in Canberra).

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Would you be able to help give the instructions on how to cut the transmitter wire. And where can I get rachio 3 in Australia?

There’s various options detailed here with photos: Ability to disable Wireless Flow Meter radio? Australian usage

You can buy rachio3 from amazon.com (not .au)
They will ship to Australia.

I got mine 2nd hand but unused from auction disposal business on ebay US and the weatherproof box from another US vendor.

Total one off I suspect, I was lucky.

Hi just wanting to no an update looking at getting 2 rachio 3 will buy from eBay USA and post over hoping there has been an update or is there news on a rachio 4 yet please

I’m also keen to hear if there’s an update. It’s been close to a year but no real answer apart from going ahead and modding it (which I’m ok with).

Now that the wireless flow meter has been discontinued (and this is the purpose of the transmitter) can we expect to see an updated hardware any time soon?

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So now that Rachio has EOL’d the flow sensor, will we be able to disable the 900 MHz radio in software soon?


I have two Rachio weather proof boxes (Perth, Australia) if anyone wants them.
Brand new, opened the boxes, but decided that the form factor did not suit my site.
(Currently listed on eBay, at $1.00 each…)

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Hi mate, are your items still available? looking to set up a DIY system in Darwin, NT

No, I sold the two Rachio weather proof boxes on eBay.
But the good news is that I found a much neater weather proof enclosure locally.
Made by Sistema, a new design, available in any IGA Store, among the plastic storage/lunch boxes.

Photos enclosed…

It is a bit fiddly to fit, but really just a mater of drilling a few holes in the right places in the box to suit. I fitted three spacers under the Rachio 3 Controller (to make room to hide the wiring), drilled three holes in the box to match exactly the three mounting holes in the Rachio 3, plugged the wall, added the spacers, and I was done.

Ah, but “One More Thing”…
You have to dump the Rachio 110VAC power pack.
I bought a 240VAC unit from Jaycar Electronics, same output specifications (24VAC 1,000mA), but weatherproof and suitable for outdoor mounting, cut off and Rachio 3 power plug/cable and soldered it to the Jaycar unit cable. While you are at Jaycar, you will find the spacers (feet for a small equipment cabinet), and the few grommets you will need to weather proof the cable entries into the Sistema enclosure.

A nice little DIY project, you will have fun…


The Rachio 3 is a very neat unit, I am very happy with operation, and performance overall. I have two Units installed, simply because existing wiring for the the front and back gardens were set up separately by the previous owners.

However I did run into a problem establishing the WiFi Connection.
A known Rachio 3 problem, but not at the time I struggled with it.
The issue is that modern iPhones and Andriod phones use the WiFi chip in a manner that Rachio 3 does not comprehend. So the Rachio WiFi Connection configurator just drops out at the last moment.

Finally, in desperation, after many to’s and fro’s with Rachio, I tried my wife’s iPhone 6, and surprise, found it was compatible, and completed the setup, smooth as.
(my iPhone 11Pro does not work, and still does not work, no Rachio firmware update yet?)

And no, I have not messed about at all with the Rachio 3 “900Mhz” band.
My understanding is that it does not transmit unless it is configured for and detects the Rachio Water Flow Meter.


image you paint en art your rachio, you could then actually see your art outside.

Thank you, nice comment…
The slowly pulsing blue heartbeat is cool art in an its self at night.

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Hi there. I assume the new Rachio 3e which does not have the Lora radio would now be legal to use in Australia. Could anyone confirm that for me?

Any views on this last question?

Yes 3e does not have a Lora radio, but that may be hard to prove during customs. Also 3e is missing features (flex daily & per zone moisture keeping) which provide the highest water savings. IMHO Gen 2 is a better fit when Lora is not needed. Keep in mind that 3e still have 5 Ghz radio & WU network support which Gen 2 does not, but besdies the better wifi, weather network is not an issue (you can always make your data avaialble on pwsweather).