Rachio 3 5 GHz Wi-Fi on eero pro 6

I’m new to Rachio and it is my understanding that it supports the 5 GHz band. I am using an eero pro 6 with band steering turned on. I can easily connect to my router and I have a very strong signal but I can’t figure out why it will not connect at 5 GHz. I’m on firmware 632

Same issue here. I was wondering if you ever got it resolved. I have a very strong signal, and it will not connect to the 5ghz band. I have the latest eero and Rachio firmware

I’m connected to Wi-Fi access points, about 20 ft from the ap and I can only get 2.5ghz as well.

Because 1. You’re using the same SSID on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, so you’ve no way to tell the Rachio 3 to which you want it to connect and 2. You’ve band-steering enabled, so the AP may tell the Rachio 3 to move to 2.4GHz. That’s what band-steering is.

Unless you’re experiencing interference on 2.4GHz, there’s no particularly pressing need to use 5GHz for the Rachio 3. It’s not as if it’s a high-bandwidth network device.

The Rachio 3 does support 5GHz. I’ve had ours connected to it. In fact: When I reset the WiFi on our Rachio 3 and it searches for a WiFi network, it comes up with one of the 5GHz SSIDs as a first choice. (I configure it onto a 2.4GHz connection because that’s much stronger in the garage, where the R3’s located.)

A couple additional points: 1. I’ve seen comments in the forum to suggest some users have realized more reliable connectivity from the Rachio 3 on 2.4GHz than 5GHz, even when the 5GHz signal is strong. 2. Some devices do not play well with band-steering. IMO, using band-steering with a Rachio 3 is only asking for trouble.

(I realize the OP is nearly a year old, but this answers the two necro-posts, as well.)