Rachio 3, 12 Zone Wiring question

Moving from an old Rainbird ESP8 to my Rachio 12 Zone. I am going to wire my house power to the plug inside the Rachio waterproof housing and use the two-prong plug supplied with my Rachio 3 to plug into power.

The old Rainbird has two wires from its transformer to the 12V+ and 12V- connections on the controller. I have 2 12V connections available on the new Rachio 3 but given that the transformer will seemingly go away with the old Rainbird Controller I assume my new Rachio will have those connections open/unused? I believe they are for any sensor(s) that I might add on later. However, for the initial install I ignore them. Is this correct?

@hdsteele - The voltage is probably 24 V AC, not 12 V.

Correct, ignore the old Rainbird wires going from its transform to the terminals. On the Rachio unit the 24 VAC + and - are for sensors (e.g. wireless rain sensor) if needed.


Thanks DLane.