Rachio 3.0 wifi setup issues

I have a second hime in a remote area. Only our access to internet is cell service. I have a cellular network sim card from a phone powering a modem that I use for wifi. While setting up my Rachio 3, I continually get the following screens. “unexpected error occured”.

Any suggestions?

FWIW, I have a few other “smart” devices setup in the house and all seem to handle this version of wifi ok. To add to the frustration, it was working for a week or so with no problems. Nothing changed but I got the “controller offline” message when I tried to do a quick run via the app. I tried to setup everything again and ran into my current problems.

If you run this and provide the code we can have the engineering team review.


Thank your for your assistance. The code is FZ69T3HR

Not much to go on, the network scan reported a few things to be concerned about, seems an atypical setup, but you mentioned it was working.

You could try a factory reset and see if that helps. Make sure to power cycle it during the process.