Rachio 2 zone won't turn off

I have a Rachio Gen 2 that’s been working great, and believe the controller itself is fine. Starting 3 days ago only one of my zones turns on and runs for about 5 hours before shutting off. This occurs after the morning schedule turns on and off and before the evening schedule does the same. I checked my Rachio controller, as well as the app, and the system shows as off.

I test the system by running a manual cycle through all zones and each zone turns on and off manually, all while the one zone continues to water. I unplugged the controller from the wall and the zone continues watering.

I’m not sure how to fix this other than to shut off the water to the entire system, because if it was a defective valve or similar how would the system shut off on it’s own after about 5 hours? It’s been doing this at the same time each morning and ending at the same time - as though it was on a schedule.

Any help is appreciated.


@lsu1993 - sounds like there is debris in that valve. I’d clean out or rebuild that valve. Sometimes one can clean out a valve by turning off the water, removing the solenoid and then turning on the water for a period of time to flush things out through the solenoid opening. Other times one needs to take the valve apart and replace a diaphragm.


I just got my Gen 2 and had a similiar problem. What i did was adjust the value and that fixed the problem.

Hello Retired,
I have the same problem as lsu1993. You said you were able to fix this problem. What does “adjusting the valve mean”. What exactly did you do?
Thanks in advance.

@hk1975, to increase the odds that you’ll get a reply I’d mention @Retired (like that) in the post or send them a direct message by clicking on their icon and then the message button.

They may have tried what I suggested: turn off the water, remove the solenoid valve, turn on the water to flush out the valve through the solenoid opening, turn off the water and put the solenoid valve back in.

When you say “adjust the value” what do you mean? My Gen 2 was working fine for a month, but now my zones all turn on and off properly only from the wall unit. When I run from the app… zone 1 never turns off; even when the rest of the zones go through their time. And I can’t turn off zone 1 with the app either… hmm.

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