Rachio 2 won't turn off any zone

So I just installed my rachio 2, got on prime day, having issue getting it to work properly. During set up I did the zone 1 then went to 2 and the controller shut off. I unplugged and plugged back in, waited for it to boot up then continued. Set up zone 2 and went to 3 and it shut off. I can manually activate each zone via the app or the controller, but they will not shut off unless I unplug the controller. If I shut if off on the app or controller it continues to run even if I try a different zone, sometimes it will turn on the other zone and they will both be running and then the control will go dead. If I unplug the control the zone that is running will shut off, but I cannot get it to run properly. I do have a master valve which I did try un hooking and just turning on and running the zones, but it does not change anything. Any suggestions? Possibly a bad controller? I had a Hunter Pro-C installed previously. Thanks

Can you post a picture of the wiring on the Rachio2?

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Are you using an original power supply or did you have to switch yours, perhaps to support 220V line voltage?

What you are describing sounds very similar to a behavior of the Rachio controller while running on a DC power supply.

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I just have the control plugged into an outlet with the plug provided.

What were the 3 wires to the bottom right of the picture hooked to on the old controller(black, light brown, and brown)?

@kylet45 - One other thing to check is that the solenoids are AC solenoids and not DC latching ones.

Nothing, they are extra. They aren’t stripped at the end. I took each wire off the old control and hooked up one by one.

Can you take a picture of your power supply? I’m interested in the label on it, so you may need to unplug it in order to see the specifications.

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The plug that came in the box with the unit.

I’m very sorry, but this is definitely a wrong plug. 18VDC output is far from the necessary 24VAC. Because this is a DC supply, it also explains why the valves do not shut off after the zone has completed a cycle. Rachio controller is not compatible with a DC supply voltage.

Seems that the unit you’ve gotten is not brand new, and even if it was not used, perhaps someone has returned it at some point, including a wrong supply while they’ve done so.

Not sure what @rachiosupport can do about your situation, perhaps the best course of action would be to contact Amazon support and ask for a replacement.

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Well that sucks. I just called and they said to return to Amazon.

Would they still give you a discount for prime day deal on the replacement? I’d reach out to @rachiosupport, maybe they would be able to price match the prime day’s discount on a new Gen 2 controller?

Basically the prime deal was not really a deal at 149. So I requested a return and ordered from rachio at 149 with a 10% off code they gave me. Thank you!

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