Rachio 2 Scheduler not working

I have owned Rachio for a number of years and everything has been working fine up until these last few months where I noticed my scheduler stopped running. I typically set a fixed schedule twice a week to water and noticed it stopped running altogether, however if I were to trigger the schedule manually, it will work.

Below are images of my schedule, history, and other relevant information. My current firmware is iro2-firmware-5-115.

I know it’s not because of standby mode, water skip, or any other water intelligence options. I have also power cycled the device to see if that helped as well. Can someone help me figure out what is wrong? I don’t get how it has been working for years, with nothing changing, suddenly stop working.

Any chance the controller was offline?

(Note I said was not is. Maybe the power cycle brought it back online?)

It has always been online because I was able to start the schedule manually.

This is a shot in the dark, but how about disabling/deleting this schedule and setting it up again? The reason I’m thinking it might be worth a try is because your Interval says “Every day”, and no matter what I do with the latest software, I can’t get a Fixed schedule to say that. It always lists out all the days individually. (Also, you said that you were watering twice a week, but this seems to be set to daily).

Before doing anything, I would make sure your app is at the latest software levels, or use the web app to make the new changes. You could disable the current schedule and then create the new one and enable that, so you would still have your old one around.

I’ll try that. Just updated the firmware yesterday and will create a new schedule. I know I said twice a week, but I have changed it to daily because I’m trying to figure out if it is watering each day, and it still is not executing.

Just tested this tonight and scheduler did not run. Had to trigger it manually. I’m out of ideas…maybe I should buy the new Rachio?